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Founded in 2017, by Mandla J. Gwadiso, Palewater is growing to being one of the respected conglomerates in the world. With our founder’s entrepreneurial drive and the passion to take on opportunities that are usually overlooked by major players, his ability to find projects that are transformational in nature, Palewater is swiftly becoming a brand name to reckon with.

We are a parent organization to over 25 subsidiary structures, Palewater is a significant privately held holding and management firm with an ever – increasing global footprint and client base. Among our portfolio of clients are legions of government, publicly quoted and privately held companies all around the world, US, Asia, Europe and Africa.

Palewater has businesses covering financial services, resources and energy, manufacturing, engineering contracting, oil & gas, biotech and real estate as well as others.

While industries evolve and the markets are volatile, we seek to keep at the edge of every market evolution and our businesses will continue to sustain longer than those of our competitors. Core to our success plan is our constant pursuit of three fundamental goals: to strive to be in the forefront of the industries in which we operate, to uphold strong corporate governance processes and to make our company a home to all our employees and give them every reason to be here. Predominantly, our guiding principle will always be: to create long-term value for all of our shareholders. 

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