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Investment Approach

At Palewater we pick only market-leading companies that offer a greater upside potential that will help us yield good returns for our shareholders. In addition, we also employ an opportunistic approach that gives us an unparalleled edge in securing exceptional investments. Our teams have years of experience in reviewing and analysing opportunities. We are custom to the trends, geopolitical landscapes and economic fluxes of the markets in which our companies operate.

Once analysed, we use a cut-through due diligence process to evaluate opportunities. We are spontaneous enough in the manner in which we structure transactions, unorthodox well enough in the manner we provide equity, debt or a mixture of both depending on the requirements of each transaction. 

Our post-investment approach includes our value-add experience that enables us to swiftly contribute to the development of our companies and provide an over the edge support, divine connections and unparalleled advice to management in our effort to create a formidable amount of value for our shareholders. 


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